Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive Expressive Arts Therapy:

Multicultural Considerations in Research, Practice, and Ethics (6 CE hours)

Three Live Webinars, 2 hours each, on Thursdays 12-2pm EST/New York Time Zone. Held on April 27, May, 4 and 11, 2023/ 6 credit NBCC approved course with focus on Culturally Responsive Expressive Arts Therapy and Cultural Ethics through a trauma-informed practice lens. This 6 hour continuing education course includes a review of the current research in multiculturalism to inform your practice and promote critical thinking skills in relation to cultural ethics. Best practices will be highlighted from the instructors’ expertise, publications, and research focusing on somatically-based expressive arts therapy, blended perspectives, and “situating” multicultural counseling approaches. It centralizes a Reflexive Visual Journaling practice to explore multicultural considerations ranging who you are, your background, and upbringing; values and beliefs you hold and how they impact your clients; and an understanding of intersubjectivity and the client-therapist relationship.

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This course is geared toward counselors, psychotherapists, expressive arts therapists, educators, and practitioners who are interested in culturally responsive approaches and expressive arts approaches to work with people of all ages. To help participants learn and apply this material, each session includes didactic, informational presentations and at least one experiential--hands-on time with methods and strategies. Interact with your colleagues through large group and break-out room discussion and networking. We provide extensive readings and resources on the course site, along with replays of the sessions-- and you have access for 120 days after the last session of this webinar series to watch or catch up with the course content.

Institute Faculty

Institute Faculty

Elizabeth Warson, PhD

Elizabeth Warson, PhD, ATR-BC, LPC, NCC, EMDR III, EXAT, EAP II, Certified EMDR Therapist, EMDR Consultant in Training. is the founder of American Indian Art Therapy, based on her faculty research associated with the Graduate Art Therapy Programs at George Washington University and Eastern Virginia Medical School (2004-2013). Elizabeth currently resides in northern Colorado where she maintains an equine-assisted and arts-informed private practice, Healing Pathways LLC. As a faculty member for the Trauma-Informed Practices & Expressive Arts Therapy Institute, she teaches in person and online poly-informed, equine-assisted, and bilateral stimulation/sensorimotor-informed expressive arts therapy courses. Since 2003, her research interests comprise stress and pain reduction interventions for American Indian cancer survivors and their family members, culturally responsive stress reduction and visual journaling, and trauma-informed interventions. Elizabeth is a recipient of a 2010 National Endowment for the Arts (folk and traditional art) for a community-driven Coharie Heritage Empowerment Project, focusing on cultural preservation. Elizabeth received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1989 and an M.A. in Art Therapy from Vermont College of Norwich University in 1993. She completed her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a specialization in research, from the School of Education at Colorado State University in 2008. Elizabeth has presented at regional and national American Indian and Alaska Native conferences on topics related to medical art therapy, stress and pain reduction interventions, culturally-responsive art therapy, visual journaling interventions, and narrative-based art therapy. Her publications comprise over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters in books. As a professional artist, she has exhibited her sculptural work nationally and internationally and is a recipient of an Ohio Arts Council fellowship award.

Institute Faculty Guest

Institute Faculty

Cathy Malchiodi PhD

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT is a research psychologist, a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, and a licensed mental health counselor. She is the executive director of the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute and is an investigator with the US Department of Education, integrating trauma-informed expressive arts into classrooms. She has also worked with the Department of Defense since 2008 to bring expressive arts therapy programming and psychotherapy to combat military and their families and Veterans with posttraumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Malchiodi studied with Francine Shapiro and is qualified in EMDR Level I and Level II. Cathy has assisted more than 500 agencies, organizations, and institutions in developing trauma-informed programming including the United Nations, Department of Defense, Kennedy Center, Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins University. An international presenter and workshop leader, she given over 750 invited keynotes and workshops throughout the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. She has authored 21 books, including the bestselling Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy: Brain, Body, and Imagination in the Healing Process and Handbook of Expressive Arts Therapy. Her books have been translated in over 20 languages. A life-long learner, Dr. Malchiodi's latest research and practice includes sensory processing and neurodiversity affirming models of psychotherapy to address trauma through expressive approaches to intervention.

Course Curriculum

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  1. 1
    • Syllabus, Goals and Objectives of this Course

    • Walk through this Live Webinar Site and Its Features

    • ▶️ ZOOM LIVE format: notes and tips!

    • About Your Instructors

    • Special Note About Art Materials and Expressive Arts Assignments!

    • Disclaimer

    • Optional: Introduce Yourself Here!

    • Visual Journaling Supplies

  2. 2
    • ▶️ ZOOM Link and Supplies!

    • Self-Reflexive Social Justice

    • The MSSS Model of Expressive Arts

    • Expressive Arts Therapy as Culturally Relevant Practice

    • Expressive Therapies Continuum: Three-Part Healing Harmony

    • Cultural Safety | Reflexivity

    • Intersectionality Life Grid

    • Multicultural Praxis | Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies

    • Indigenous Social & Emotional Wellbeing

    • BIOPIC Art Therapists

    • Racial Bias | Art Materials

    • Response Art

    • Multicultural Expansion | Art Materials

    • REPLAY Part 1: Lecture

    • REPLAY Party 2: Experiential

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    • Warson PPT | Session 1

  3. 3
    • ▶️ ZOOM Link and Supplies!

    • Cultural Appropriation: A Short Film

    • Addressing Framework

    • Expressive Arts Therapy and Mestiza Consciousness

    • Multicultural Music Therapy

    • Black Aesthetics

    • Indigenous Art Therapy | Literature Review

    • Healing Pathways (Warson)

    • Maria's Story (Warson)

    • American Indian Medicine (Warson)

    • Dibaajimowin (Johnson-Fuller & Warson)

    • Transgenerational Trauma

    • First Nations Perspective | Hierarchy of Needs

    • Indigenizing Art Therapy

    • Replay Session Two

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    • Warson PPT | Session 2

    • Trauma-Informed Yoga Holds

    • Art Therapy & Anticolonialism

  4. 4
    • ▶️ ZOOM Link and Supplies!

    • Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Competencies

    • Person-Centered Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling

    • Multicultural Counseling Competence

    • Art Therapists of Color

    • Anti-Blackness | Music Therapy

    • Ethical Art Therapy Practice with Indigenous People

    • Interrupting Privilege Series

    • Replay Session Three

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    • Warson PPT | Session 3

    • Facebook Group

  5. 5
    • IEATA | International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

    • ICDO | International Cultural Diversity Organization

    • Racism | American Counseling Association

    • Canadian Art Therapy Association | Indigenizing Art Therapy

    • American Dance Therapy Association | Social Justice Position

    • Dance Movement Association in Canada | Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility Committee

    • Canadian Association of Music Therapy | Social Justice

    • Queering Music Therapy

    • AATA | American Art Therapy Association | Multicultural Committee

    • We Al-li | Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach

    • Amber Elizabeth Gray | Human Rights Psychotherapy

    • Addressing Framework

  6. 6
    • Final Steps to Your Certificate

    • Course Evaluation

    • Regarding the Use of Material in this Course

    • Final Question

    • Thank you! (Certificate)

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Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy

An Approach That Centralizes Cultural Responsiveness