Beginning on January 12, 2023 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern (New York Time)

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The Visual Journaling Project is the result of many years of our experiences in working with individuals, groups, families, and communities. While we were leading a recent expressive arts therapy training in New Mexico we realized that it is time to formally research visual journaling approaches and programming-- something that has rarely been done, yet so many individuals and practitioners resonate with these practices. As psychotherapists, we have studied visual journaling with clients and patients in a variety of healthcare, mental health, and community settings. We have also explored it within our own lives as a form of transformation, self-care, personal insights, and restorative practices.

Themes and Practices

Visual Journaling is a Multidimensional Practice--This Series Emphasizes Integration with Contemporary Psychotherapeutic Approaches and Expressive Arts Therapy

During each session we will introduce not only arts-based methods, but also the integration of visual journaling with many contemporary approaches. Breathwork and mindfulness, parts work, bilateral drawing and movement, rhythm and sound, Polyvagal Theory, sensory integration, EMDR and bilateral stimulation, and restorative approaches to health and wellness are just a few of the principles included in this series.

Preliminary Information on Participation

Enrollment in this free five-session live seminar series is by application only. Here are some requirements to consider if you are interested in this special series:

  1. You must be committed and able to attend each 90 minute session. There will be no replays of these sessions. If you miss a session, you will not be able to rejoin a later session and you must be visible on camera for the duration of each session. Yes, that sounds strict! But in order to provide the best possible learning experience and gather research information, commitment to attend all five sessions is mandatory. 
  2. Preference for enrollment in this free series will be given to those who have either completed the EXAT or EXA-CE designations or are in the process of completing one of these designations. Enrollment preference will also be given to those who have participated in Institute coursework-- online home study and live webinars or training events.
  3. You will be required to submit images and commentary each week through the course site. You may also be required to complete brief surveys and evaluations after each session.
  4. There are no continuing education hours offered for these sessions.
  5. These sessions are for educational purposes and to establish best practices in visual journaling. These sessions do not constitute personal therapy or medical advice.

Please check back for more information as we continue to develop this project. For now, join the mailing list to be notified when the enrollment process begins.

The Important Details!

This is a brief summary about this free live webinar, five session series!

  • Five Sessions are scheduled for January 12, 19, and 26 and February 2 and 9th, 2023

  • Each session meets from 3:30 pm--5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time; there will be no replays of these sessions. Attendance of all five sessions is mandatory to remain enrolled.

  • During each session you will learn at least one visual journaling practice that you can apply to your work with individuals, families, groups, or communities. The emphasis is on best practices, current research, and trauma-informed principles.

Facilitated by:

Institute Faculty

Elizabeth Warson, PhD

Elizabeth Warson, PhD, ATR-BC, LPC, NCC, EMDR II, EXAT is the founder of American Indian Art Therapy, based on her faculty research associated with the Graduate Art Therapy Programs at George Washington University and Eastern Virginia Medical School (2004-2013). Elizabeth currently resides in northern Colorado where she maintains an equine-assisted and arts-informed private practice, Healing Pathways LLC. As a faculty member for the Trauma-Informed Practices & Expressive Arts Therapy Institute, she teaches in person and online poly-informed, equine-assisted, and bilateral stimulation/sensorimotor-informed expressive arts therapy courses. Since 2003, her research interests comprise stress and pain reduction interventions for American Indian cancer survivors and their family members, culturally responsive stress reduction and visual journaling, and trauma-informed interventions. Elizabeth is a recipient of a 2010 National Endowment for the Arts (folk and traditional art) for a community-driven Coharie Heritage Empowerment Project, focusing on cultural preservation. Elizabeth received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1989 and an M.A. in Art Therapy from Vermont College of Norwich University in 1993. She completed her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a specialization in research, from the School of Education at Colorado State University in 2008. Elizabeth has presented at regional and national American Indian and Alaska Native conferences on topics related to medical art therapy, stress and pain reduction interventions, culturally-responsive art therapy, visual journaling interventions, and narrative-based art therapy. Her publications comprise over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters in books. As a professional artist, she has exhibited her sculptural work nationally and internationally and is a recipient of an Ohio Arts Council fellowship award.

Facilitated by:

Institute Faculty

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT holds a doctorate in psychology and is a licensed and board-certified art therapist and mental health counselor and has published numerous books, chapters, and articles in the field of art therapy including, Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy: Brain, Body, and Imagination in the Healing Process, Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children, Breaking the Silence: Working With Traumatized Children, and Understanding Children's Drawings, which are standards in the field. She has trained counselors, therapists, and teachers throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. In 2011, Cathy founded the Trauma-Informed Practices Institute to meet the need for professional education in the use of arts therapies, expressive therapies, mind-body approaches and resilience-building in trauma integration and recovery for children, adults and families. You can learn more about Dr. Malchiodi at her website

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