Trauma-Informed Practices & Expressive Arts Therapy Institute

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Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

Expressive Arts Therapy | Contemporary Approaches to Practice

This 6 continuing education [CE] course provides an advanced foundation for understanding the theory and practice of expressive arts therapy in mental health, counseling, psychosocial intervention and overall wellness.

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

Part Two Rhythms and Regulation: Expressive Arts Therapy Approaches to Brain and Body During COVID 19 | Live Webinar July 14th 7 pm Eastern Time/July 15th 9:00 am Melbourne Australia Time

Special Live Webinar for Our Australian Colleagues on Expressive Arts Therapy and Trauma! But all are welcome from the around the world to join us! Register early because space is limited.

Jason Cruz, MA

Racial Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy Live Webinar July 28, 2020

Racial Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy Live Webinar on July 28th, 2020 at 5:00 pm Eastern Time/NY Time

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

Using Breath as a Starting Point for Expressive Arts Therapy

Starting with Breath | Expressive Arts Therapy Live Webinar July 22, 2020 with Cathy Malchiodi PhD

Stephanie Wray

Engaging Clients through Digital Technology and Expressive Arts: Relational and Hands-On Applications

Expressive arts therapy and telehealth live webinar with Stephanie Wray and Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Institute on October 20, 2020, 5 pm to 6:30 pm Eastern Time/New York Time

Stephanie Wray

Telehealth and Expressive Arts Therapy: Applying Technology to Your Practice

This webinar presents applicable strategies for using external technology for tele-health sessions. In addition exploring the uses of internal tools of Zoom for facilitating expressive arts therapy